Shamanic work - A person's own soul is its best teacher

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

'' A person must grow from the inside out. No one can really teach you, no one can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul. '' - Swami Vivekananda

First, a little about my journey in shamanism: this ancient, most natural and inherent practice to mankind has actually accompanied me all my life. At the very beginning, I didn't understand it yet. Still, looking back, I can see how everything from my past has brought me to shamanism. I witchcrafted weather at the age of 3 and had a strong contact with nature and animals. I also talked to spirits when I became a little older and all throughout my puberty.

All of the above and more was a shortcut to shamanism. In the depth of my experience is knowledge, ability and skills of different magic movements. Now, however, I understand that all of my skills are based on shamanism in one way or another.

Most importantly, I found how powerful shamanism can be for healing, enriching, and helping people. Absolutely incredible! So far, no magical practice has been as powerful as this. Maybe the because this tool is the most effective one for me.

There is evidence of shamanism from the earliest times. Long before all other religions, theories and religions.

Shamanism, as a collection of personal knowledge of life, nature, the world, spirituality, the Universe, creation, healing, is my deep passion precisely because of its purity, sincerity, transparency, and power. It has chosen, touched and embraced me.

Shamanism is humane and caring.

Shamanism provides the tools to address a person's deepest needs, both dark and light. It provides guidance to heal the far-reaching root causes of troubles and issues so that you can become a true master of your life.

One of the main activities of shamanism is to heal and take care of human power. The shaman travels in a changed state of consciousness to parallel worlds, solving the chaos caused by various causes so that man can begin to heal.

My preparations for shamanistic practices have been long and thorough.

When I finally got into practice, I realized how important it was to train and balance myself strongly all these years. Only in this way is it possible to truly transmit the power that the practices of shamanism open in a human.

There is a lot that can be done in shamanic work:

1. Removal of harmful forces

Harmful power is any power that is foreign to us. Every day we live in an ordinary energy soup, frequently exchanging energies with each other. It may be that we unknowingly transfer harmful energies to each other, or energetic beings who feed on human vitality join us at a vulnerable moment. There is no need to be scared, as it is not something terrible, but rather more common. People are often entirely unaware of this because we do not see the energetic world and therefore cannot handle it.

I go on a journey to remove the harmful force to see what has caused the condition in a person and remove the root cause. Then I begin to remove harmful power from the body through a shamanistic method that is very intense and powerful. After the removal of the harmful power, the lost power must be brought back, because if a person had their power in the first place, they would not have become ill and unbalanced. Power must be brought back so that pests would not get back into the human energy system and the person that recovers will be strong, viable, healthy.

2. Return of lost power:

Individual's power (or also a power animal) stays with them until they are about 9-10 years old. After that, the power animal begins to change every 2-3 years. When a person is nervous, restless, out of balance, sleeps poorly, it is a sign that their power is beginning to change. The power animal is agitated and goes farther and farther than a human until they decide to return at some point. If a person is not given a new power, they will be attacked by all kinds of damaging energies. They are vulnerable and weak. Both physically and mentally. If a person is already ill, it is a sign that the force has left him. A person can have up to two power animals, so if you already have one - come on, let's bring in another one! This is an extremely powerful feeling! To conclude the returning of lost power, I will teach you how to take care of your power and work with it.

3. Bringing back parts of your soul:

Through traumas, experiences, strong extreme emotions, we leave our soul particles behind at the moment where we experience an intense experience. Often the parts of the soul are trapped in parallel worlds, and we can no longer integrate them back into our being or even find them, because they may also be lost in past lives. A person who has gone through a lot has indeed given up and given away a lot. This is the moment when you may feel that you no longer know who you are, what you want, what is right and what is wrong, where and how to proceed. There is simply no contact with your soul.

4. Healing and liberating the destiny of a past life, and activating real destiny:

The procedure for activating true destiny is extremely powerful, but only for those people who are ready to truly break through the obstacles, repetitive patterns, and suffering they face. It is a powerful process of liberation and complete life change. Have you ever wondered why you fail to solve a lesson or a repetitive issue over and over again? No matter what you try, you will be pulled back into the old pattern like a rubber band. Just when you start to succeed, you are back in the beginning. Maybe you are accompanied by chronic health problems, or something is always blocking your journey. Obviously, in such instance, we are dealing with past lives, and we are trapped in the destiny of past life. In that case, you will never live your own destiny and will never be born truly as yourself. Pretty sad, huh?

'' An awakened person has no other obligation besides: to search for oneself, to establish oneself, to move forward along one's own path, wherever it leads. There is only one real job for everyone: to reach yourself. And - find your destiny. '' – Hesse

Fortunately, the destiny of the past life can be solved and released, and the real fate can be activated, which is never worse than the present. It's always better and helps you get closer to your true potential!

Write to me about your concern and let's ask the spirits for help. Before each session, I will explain exactly what I am doing and keep you informed.

I believe that the goal of all people who practise shamanism is to bring a person back home. To yourself. Closer to your true power, potential and knowledge.

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