Lost Power and Soul Particles

Power and parts of the Soul are concepts that are known, especially in shamanism. In shamanism, one of the most important things is to take care of your power. However, many people today know nothing about it! Mistakenly, they sow themselves with all sorts of spiritual knowledge twisted by others, locking and hiding their power deep within, moving away from their true power.

Everything is in fact much more straightforward than it seems and you don't have to look far!

Your power (which is expressed as a power animal) lasts with you until you are 9-10 years old. After that, the power animal begins to change every 2-3 years. It is rare for a person to have their power animal next to them for life, or at least most of their life.

When a person is nervous, restless, out of balance, sleeps poorly, it is a sign that the power animal is beginning to change. The power animal in that instance is restless and goes farther and farther than their human until they return at some point. If a person is not given a new power, they will be attacked by all kinds of damaging energies. The person is vulnerable and unprotected. Both physically and mentally.

However, if a person is already ill, it is a sign that the force has left him. By illness, I mean not only physical problems but also mental, emotional difficulties, imbalances, repetitive patterns, obstacles and conflicts in life. Lack of power can make a person's life quite difficult. This is because, without power, a person loses awareness of his true self, his purpose, abilities, and everything else for which they are actually destined.

A person can have up to two power animals, so if you already have one - come on, let's bring you another one! This is an extremely powerful feeling! Each power animal carries special skills, energy, knowledge, leadership, advice. They are the guides, guiding the person on the path that has been assigned to the Soul. At the same time, providing him with the strength, energy and knowledge necessary to cope with the journey.

To conclude bringing back the power, I will teach you how to take care of your power and work with it.


I will share with you a description of the particles of the Soul from the book “The Return of the Soul” by Sandra Ingermann:

"Soul" means the Soul as the fundamental matter of life, usually regarded as the perfect human being distinguished from the body; the opposite of the physical, the spiritual part.

Today, we find that the loss of a soul is often associated with a variety of traumas. These are traumas such as ill-treatment, loss of a loved one, separation, complicated surgery, an accident, a serious illness, miscarriage, abortion, stress, drug addiction, and so on.

The Soul is lost when a part of our vitality is released as a result of some trauma. It helps us survive the trauma because it allows us to avoid the pain it causes. We need to remember that the same trauma affects different people differently. Any event that a person perceives as trauma can lead to the loss of the Soul. This happens even if the person does not perceive it as trauma at all.

We often seek help from psychotherapy or self-help groups, trying to detect and treat trauma and trying to be whole, but still not achieving the desired result. This is because psychotherapy only works on those parts of a person's whole being that are "at home."


This is where shamanistic techniques come to the rescue to bring back lost souls and to integrate them into human integrity.

Often the parts of the Soul are trapped in parallel worlds, and we can no longer reconnect or even find them back into our nature. This is because they may also be hidden in the experiences of past lives.

A person who has been through a lot has indeed given up and given up a lot. This is when you may feel that you no longer know who you are, what you want, what is right and what is wrong, where and how to proceed. You no longer have direct contact with your Soul.

Perform a simple exercise to determine if your power and soul particles are lost.

Take a piece of paper and a pencil and write on a piece of paper all the emotions, thoughts, and feelings that arise within you as you think of your lost soul particles and power. Feel all the fears, feelings, evaluations, thoughts and emotions and write them down point by point.

At the end of this exercise, you will get the result on paper that has occurred due to the lack of soul parts in you.

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