How to do deep energetic cleansing and keep yourself in good spirits

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

There are certain rules to follow to rise to a higher frequency and begin creating a new and happier life. First, it is essential to rid yourself of connections to your old life, patterns of the past, painful experiences, and people with whom you’ve had harmful or very intensive contact. It is necessary to leave behind all the beliefs that hold you back and restrain you from moving on. Energetic cleansing is a VERY important part of self-development. This is because all the experienced information stays in both in our energetical and also physical body.

The Holy Bath/Immersion Ceremony

To do this, I will give you one of my favorite procedures - the Holy Bath - originating from African rainforest tribes. In Haiti, it is used for immersion ceremonies. Several immersions are performed with magical plants that cleanse their soul and wash away the past restrictions, beliefs, pain, and fears. This way, the receiver will be able to open up to new views and experiences. Only through cleansing our senses and energies are we ready to perceive the universe as new and see its real mode of action and the part we play in it.

The immersion ceremony is a great experience, where the magic plants that are used have an even more significant effect than just cleansing. They have healing, energizing, charging, and releasing effects. Plants cleanse the soul and body and initiate the process of transformation that allows the receiving of sanctity.

Symbolically it is similar to Catholic baptism. Namely, letting go of the past and opening up to the new order of the Universe. But it’s so much more; it is healing. I recommend this immersion for customers who want to get rid of the negative and disturbing constraints and painful feelings of the past. All the people who have thoroughly done the ceremony have said that afterward, they feel fresh, open, and full of new vitality.

One woman saw the departure of a spirit during the immersion. This being was a man who had left her and caused a lot of pain. She didn’t know that she had kept the pain until she got rid of him in the healing water. The immersion cleanses the body thoroughly. Everything leaves that is not good and no longer serves your growth.

The following is a customized version of the Haitian Immersion Ceremony, and it requires plants that are found in Europe and North America. From each of the petals, a small bouquet of flowers is taken or four-five leaves/branches. If there is something unclear in the description – be creative!

Required ingredients:

Yarrow – eliminates evil spirits and lower energies.

Valerian – cures all nervous diseases, anxiety, insomnia and panic disorder.

Thyme/Thyme tea – this plant is a great cleanser and one of god’s favorites.

Elderflower blossoms – the spirit of elderflower protects those who treat the tree with respect.

Salvia leaves – this is another favorite of the spirits and a sacred plant of American Indians, the smoke of which is used for cleansing and communicating with spirits.

Hypericum – it has long been considered a protector from witchcraft and the remover of harmful spirits. The Latin name Hypericum means that it has power against ghosts. It’s also useful for getting rid of fears and having lucid dreams, where the dreamer can communicate with spirits and subconsciousness to heal and receive guidance for the future.

Chamomile flowers – according to the ancient Anglo-Saxon text, Lacnunga, a chamomile flower, is one of the nine holy plants given to us by God Woden. It’s an excellent relaxer, promoting good sleep.

Oats – suitable for relaxing your body, opening the pores of your skin and helping you get rid of stress.

Peppermint – gives you spiritual strength and cools your mind and body.

Fresh leaves and pine needles – all kinds of leaves are suitable.

Fill the tub with water that is as hot as you can bear. By rubbing each of the plants leaves in your hands, let its spirit into the water. Bless the water and ask that the spirits of the water give you energy, health, and strength and take away the pains and fears of the past. Ask yourself the power to lead your energies and your life.

Then leave the bathroom for fifteen minutes. Go to another room and meditate quietly in front of the altar about things you wish to be released from your life. Ask the higher powers, the protectors, and the angels to help you.

When you’re done, switch off all the lights in your house and light up only one white candle. When you go to the bath, focus on your wish, and protect the candle flame with your hand. Put the candle into the holder and go into the water.

Lie down quietly, allowing another ten to fifteen minutes for the water to cleanse your whole body. Deep breathing at the same time is also suitable. You may feel cramps in the body and even a delicate buzz. This is a good sign. Try to relax. Then press a handful of plants against the forehead, on top of the head, neck, the inner side of the elbows, the backs of the knees, and foot soles (these are the critical areas for magic attacks and stagnant spirits). Rise up and rub yourself with the plants from top to bottom. Repeat that you want to be cleansed and receive more power and stay for about another ten minutes in the water.

When you are ready to rise, rotate three times clockwise (this is the direction of positivity and growth), and step quickly out of the bath. After that, clap your hands and say with intense desire and willpower: “I’m healthy! I’m strong! I’m powerful!” Blow out the candle and switch the lights on.

Allow your body to dry freely and leave the sticking leaves on the skin and hair. Remove the remaining leaves from the bath and make a package out of those and the residual candle. Take it somewhere out into nature, on the following day, and bury it under a tree as a gift to the spirits of this place. If you have your own garden, you can even bury it there under a tree or shrub. Be quiet until evening, ponder, and try not to interact with people.

Do this immersion for three evenings in succession.

Release yourself from past energetic connections

Another method I recommend you to practice if you wish to free yourself from the past chains and negative experiences and ties with other people is the practice similar to meditation. Initially, it should be done frequently – recall one by one all the people you want to get rid of energetically and clean your energy from. Remember everyone with whom you’ve had or still have painful experiences and emotions.

For the first day, when practicing this exercise, select a maximum of three people. Next time, another three people. Initially, you could practice this in three consecutive evenings, if necessary, more.

On the last night, you will not only release yourself from the energetic connections of those individual people, but also of all external energy particles. The ones that do not belong to you and prevent you from moving forward. In the following, I have written down a meditation that you can memorize so you can guide yourself during the exercise. Still, you can also record the text yourself by reading it out loud or ask a reliable person to guide you through this. I recommend that you guide yourself.

Find a peaceful place where nobody interrupts you for at least 30 minutes. Take a moment to yourself and calm down from your day’s bustle. Mentally, separate yourself from the outside world and tune yourself in for the work with yourself. Tell the body that now it’s time to deal only with your inner world and that you are completely with yourself.

Focus on breathing; breath only through your nose. Breathing is soft, deep, and pleasant. Cleanse the head from all thoughts and let the breath take you deeper within yourself.

Then focus all your attention on your body. Be fully alert and feel the whole body in which you inhabit. Keep your attention, and feel it for a while.

Then move your attention to your energy field. Feel your aura, the energy that’s around you, and let it become energy-based. Finally, you will feel that you’re just a volume of energy. You’re moving beyond physical boundaries. If you’ve achieved this feeling, then invite the selected person’s energy field in front of you. Imagine the energetic bonds between you two and pull them apart from one by one. The ties go back to the owner or disappear because they are no longer needed. Uncover the ties until you feel lighter and cleaner. Do it peacefully and one by one. Do not hurry.

Then return to this person all the remaining energy particles that you have knowingly or unknowingly taken from him, or what he has knowingly or unknowingly given to you. You could say the following sentence in your mind: “I will give back all the energetic particles that belong to you.“ Then feel how the particles are released from you, moving away and returning back to him. Do it softly, with respect and goodwill. Be in this flow until all the particles have returned back and moved away from you.

Next, call back all the particles that belong to you, what you have deliberately or accidentally given to him or what has been taken from you. Say the thought: “I’ll take back all the energetic parts that belong to me.” Feel how your vitality and energy flows back to you, and things get clearer between you two. You are no longer involved with each other’s particles.

Lastly, neutralize everything around you, and between you two, with white light. You can say in your thoughts: “I am neutralizing all energies with soft white high-frequency light around me.” Then send this person away softly and lightly and move on to the next person.

It is essential to do this whole process with goodwill, respect, and kindness. It must be ensured that no maliciousness, evil, or anger will occur in between. Try to look at this situation as an observer – a joint lesson of two different souls. Try to be as neutral as possible and feel how your bonds are released and karma dissolves.

Also, it’s essential to make these processes very slowly to experience each activity. Do not hurry and force particles to be released and returned. This way, the result will be particularly effective.

On the third day, begin the process in the same way, but then you will no longer call anyone in front of you, but just look at the remaining bonds and ties in your energy field. One by one, you will start to untie them, and those bonds go back to where they came from or disappeared when you take them off. You start giving up all foreign particles of energy. Then you start inviting your particles and life vitality back that you, which has been distributed or given away during your lifetime. This is a cleansing of all the mess that you have created with your emotions during your life. As a result, you will finally be completely back in your energy field. This sensation may seem a little weird at first. That is because you probably haven't felt this feeling for a long time since you’ve constantly been connecting with other people’s emotions and strangers’ energies. Accept this new feeling and learn to understand your true nature outside of disturbing and foreign energies. Rejoice that you’ve come to yourself!

Later, use this exercise on a need-to basis if you feel emotionally bonded with someone, and it grinds you down. An energetic bond is very quickly formed – someone says one wrong word, you get angry or frustrated, and the link has already been created. You are thinking about one negative, dismissive thought, and the link has, once again, been established. The more we experience these emotions, the stronger the link will become.

At first, this link is like a fragile thread. Still, it turns thicker and thicker into a messy bundle if you keep repeating those negative emotions. Try to notice when those links are emerging and cleanse yourself of those foreign energies straightaway. This way, you will avoid large emotional collisions, emotional whirlwinds, and complex relationships of conflict.

You can also do this exercise during the course of the situation. On the emerging of emotion, you will immediately give away to this person all the particles that belong to him. You don’t need these emotions and particles! And take back your own ones mildly and softly.

Remember – kindly and softly, with kindness! Don’t let emotions take yourself over. You control your feelings, not the opposite. Remembering this while raising your frequency is extremely important. When you get stuck in your emotions, you will not be able to heal obstacles and negative, old energetic patterns. It’s always necessary to step away from emotions into a balanced state. This way, you will grow faster and smoother towards the light and discover your true nature.

By doing these two exercises, you can assist the cleansing process and allow your body to get released from negative, low energies.

How to clean your aura and keep it intact

  • Keep track of your thoughts and words that you continuously instill, and which kind of energy fields (and though that situations) you create around you.

  • Stay calm and avoid emotional whirlwinds. Be aware of your thoughts and emotions by keeping a diary of emotions and feelings every day. That helps you to look at yourself from a distance and work with yourself.

  • Analyze and write down your serious and substantial negative thoughts, feelings, and repeating patterns. After that, burn the paper. Fire is a powerful negativity cleaner and frequency enhancer.

  • Forgive yourself and others for everything.

  • Cleanse your aura by brushing it from time to time with your fingers.

  • Ask the angels and ascended masters to cleanse you.

  • Before complex situations, tune your body and the threatening situation positively, ahead of time.

  • Before bedtime, tune yourself for cleansing through sleep. Acknowledge that higher energies help you be purified during your sleep. You can also see the angels around you, healing you.

  • Clean and maintain your personal space.

  • Surround yourself with plants at home. In particular, with fern and climbing plants that help in transforming dense energies.

  • Offer your body light food that contains pure and high-frequency energy – fruits, vegetables, berries, root crops, etc. Drink clean water to connect with the energies of the fifth dimension - water cleanses and raises our energies – and helps your body to digest heavier energies more easily.

  • Avoid sugar, white flour, alcohol, and coffee, products that contain color and preservatives. This is because they contain a lot of low frequencies, keep you stuck on low emotions, and prevent you from rising up and cleansing yourself.

  • Clean your surrounding space/home with Sage, Palo Santo, or other incense that speaks to you at the time.

  • Meditate as often as possible in front of the altar and invite angels and higher light-beings.

  • During severe negative emotions, go in front of the mirror and look into your eyes, calm down and let your emotions dissolve. In front of the mirror, it’s easier to transform emotions and energies and be in contact with your pure being faster.

By doing so, you strengthen your energy field and increase your frequency, so it will be impossible for lower energies to enter your life and manipulate you. This, in turn, will accelerate your journey to mastery!

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