Practical steps to find your own power and open up to your true nature

I have an altar; I interact with nature and keep my body clean and healthy. What's next?

Now we will dive into the energetic depths. The inner depths of the inside world. We will dig out the dark emotions buried under several layers and dissolve them. We will unload old barriers, meaningless and harmful programs, and reactions, and replace them with new, pure, higher frequency programs. We will get in touch with our bodies and strengthen our contact with ourselves. Be ready for rebirth! For a new life to being, the old one must die. Together with all your beliefs, prejudices, expectations, and hopes.

All this is necessary to maintain peace and balance in times of turbulence and receive large amounts of higher information and knowledge. Often it's not so light and rosy. For witches and psychics this is very important. You will not be given higher lessons, purposes, and abilities when you are influenced by all external factors and energies. Instead, you place your value based on other people's opinions and external situations. You cannot stay in the center of your balance. It makes you reachable for lower energies as well.

So long as you cannot manage and understand your emotions and don't know how to work with them, you are at a standstill and continue circling around the same things and lessons. This chapter is the hardest part. All the walls you have created to protect yourself must now be dismantled and replaced with a soft, secure, glowing light. The high frequency of the light keeps you away from all the low and dark forces, incidents, and painful experiences. This is the most effective protection.

With large, powerful walls, a person begins to destroy himself from the inside, which in particular creates an extreme emotional fluctuation, and then pressurizes internal organs and eventually destroys the entire body. At the same time, the powerful energetic fortresses close down the heart in the human body, and all the wonders remain unobserved and experienced due to isolation. This is when the recurring negative situations arise. They don't understand why nothing wonderful comes to their life and why everything that surrounds them is so negative, closed, stagnant, and vexed.

Everything starts from inside out! Everything that goes around you is the reflection of your inner world. You cannot accuse anyone else here. If the will to blame someone else rises, go in front of the mirror and see if that intention still remains.

Self-development and inner growth begin with the courage to be honest with yourself and others. The longer you try to navigate away from the truth and postpone it, the more painful the situations will become. Face all the little lies and make small sacrifices before you get a devastating blow, which will bring you back to Earth.

For the following exercises, take a minimum of 3 weeks to practice, process, think through, and assure them. It's essential to change your attitude during all those exercises.

Don't practice them while being dull and insensitive. Be aware each time when the old belief again masks your emotions. Grab it, dissolve it and replace it with a new attitude. Be ready for setbacks because your body is not used to staying in the new patterns. The body needs to be given time to release the old patterns and receive a new one. Don't be dismayed if the new positive program does not immediately stay in place and will not create a new wonderful feeling. Once again – the body is not used to feeling these new beautiful feelings yet. That's why it's essential to inject raw and new patterns into your subconscious consistently. Even with the tears!

Open your mouth and begin to repeat your new positive pattern. I will talk more about this process in the following sub-topic.

No result is permanent is you don't bother to put effort into changing your beliefs and attitudes! This is one of the toughest and most challenging aspects of self- development. Whenever you get any obstacles or difficulties - be it a health problem, financial or relationship concern - always ask yourself with what kind of attitude or belief has created this situation for yourself. It's precisely the same with positive situations. If you start to follow these parallels you will understand a lot in your life.

Rewrite your painful past experiences.

It would be good if it was done in the right order. It can also be done on a computer. The one who's especially diligent rewrites all his past life into a positive key. While writing, feel how you're cleansing your past channel and lightning it up with bright shiny energy so that those energies can no longer touch you. Do it with gratitude! You need to know that all your baggage has been sent to you as a blessing. It is a gift to grow, develop, and become strong. Then you can share this radiant light, that you've discovered in yourself, with others. The attitude must be changed!

Begin to observe your emotions.

Take for yourself a spiritual development diary where you can mark down your dreams, feelings, emotions, lessons, and more. Divide the page into seven compartments and note down your feelings, emotions, thoughts, irritants, and so on every day. Analyze where these irritants and painful emotions occur to which you react so badly.

At the end of the week, summarize everything that happened within you in a week. In this way you should observe yourself for a minimum of three weeks, even when it gets boring. Finally, you will notice that it becomes therapeutic and the writing starts to dissolve and release these hard emotions. Even if the same emotions are constantly coming up, continue to note them down.

This is a very active work with yourself, which will help you understand what's happening in your subconscious mind. On this basis, it's much easier to start cleansing and dissolving things.

Write down 20 things for which you are grateful in your whole life.

You can also use your spiritual development diary for that.

Every day write 10 things for which you are thankful for or which are positive.

It looks ordinary and boring, but do it! If you are completely balanced, happy with yourself and your life, then you can skip this task.

Mirror exercise.

Make a circle of white candles in front of a big mirror, where you can see yourself fully. Tea candles are perfect for this, and it doesn't matter how many of them are in the circle.

Sit in the centre of the circle, in front of the mirror, all naked. And just look at yourself, look into your eyes, talk to yourself with a LOUD VOICE. Talk about your experiences, your feelings and your thoughts. Common reactions are crying, self pity, insecurity, etc. If you let all these feelings out of you in front of the mirror, you will come to a knowing and feel of how important and truly unique you are to yourself. At this moment you will take back your own strength.

This is an extremely important exercise because it will restore the connection with your soul and higher powers. Do not hinder yourself by anything; let all emotions, feelings and thoughts out. Just be and stay in touch with yourself. It would be necessary to do this initially 2-3 times a week. In this case, an active purification and re-establishment of the bond is recreated.

Write down your future goals, dreams, plans.

THINK BIG! Let yourself be free, believe in yourself, trust yourself. Don't forget to add that you want to achieve complete inner self-balance and peace, so that you can access the higher powers and knowledge. Among the goals should also be the achievement of complete internal self-confidence, neutrality and softness. Make sure to put all the goals, activities, dreams that are necessary for your mental development and things that would give you inner strength. This the moment when you will strengthen your faith and release all the doubts. Then take a look at the goals as if the movement and the process towards them have already begun. Ask yourself what you can do from now on to move towards them. Don't whip and tighten yourself. Enjoy this movement and do it with joy. It shows your state of readiness to fulfill your desire or goal.

Don't force and fight anymore. If some situations come into your life, then you have to learn from them, and this is necessary for your further advanced development. Thanks to it, you will get stronger and move higher up. The attitude must change! Whenever you get a hard emotion, or you feel powerless, repeat your new perspective, and replace the sickly old being with the unrelenting and unprecedented fighter spirit of a warrior!

Breaking down negative patterns and programs by using the mirror.

The mirror is one of my most indispensable tools for looking within and breaking my patterns. Everything that is repeated in front of the mirror sinks into the subconscious much easier, faster, and stronger.

As it is often not possible to find time for yourself during the day, morning preparations are ideal for repeating new patterns at the same time. For instance, you might make a cup of tea, take a shower, or get ready in front of a mirror. All you have to do is repeat continuously out loud your new belief. It will be an effective 30-50 minute new pattern implanting session.

By the way – the subconscious is much more open when you inject something into it while the action is aimed at something else. For women who like to wear a lot of make-up and spend a lot of time getting themselves ready in the morning, I often recommend repeating the needed sentence aloud while doing those things. It works miracles! Of course, you can also make a separate time each evening to devote yourself to healing and entering the new patterns. This is the most ideal way to deal with oneself, respecting your body and soul.

There was once a grim period in my life when the Universe decided that it was time for me to be completely alone. The only one who was there for me was my mother. Every night I closed myself into the dark room. I lit up the candles on the altar and sat silently in meditation and communicating with higher powers. This period lasted for many years, and as a result, I can say that the most powerful and efficient way is to work alone with yourself. It's incredible how well the person learns to get along with herself while being alone. Try to find such moments as often as possible. Then the results will be faster and progress greater.

Do not forget yourself! There is no justification for not finding time for yourself. If you don't know how to time for this, do the same as me. Light up the candles at the altar, enjoy the moment with yourself, interact with yourself, meditate on the present and the future, and put in place new patterns and goals.

New patterns, beliefs, and affirmations that you wish to repeat can be formulated by yourself. The input is particularly effective if the sentence structure stays simple, strong, straightforward, and memorable. Often, affirmations are created in rhymes to give them extra power.

Examples of effective affirmations:

  • I am healthy and balanced

  • I am open to opportunities and abundance

  • I am strong and healthy, and full of energy all day long

  • I have a rewarding and well-paid job

  • Everyone loves me

  • My life is full of joy and laughter

  • I am an ascended master who radiates love and light

  • I am calm and in my center, gentle and tranquil. I love myself a lot, and I shine like the sun

  • I am happy and radiating, in front of me there is a gate of happiness

Regular inputs of these affirmations work well:

  • I love myself

  • I am healthy

  • I am loved and kept

  • I love money and money loves me

  • I am surrounded by infinite love

  • I am confident

  • I deserve a happy relationship

Meditation Guided meditations are always an excellent starting point in finding answers or finding solutions. Still, you need also to develop yourself further there. It's exceptionally comfortable and easy to let yourself be guided; it's much more challenging to go on a journey by yourself but definitely more exciting and skillful. People who want to go further in self-development, and search for their abilities, I always urge to meditate – to guide themselves in meditation.

To do this, you need to put place a specific goal for which kind of result you wish to achieve or think about what you want to meditate on. Then, all you have to do is let your imagination fly and dive into your energy healing process.

Often, people find it difficult to let their imagination be free and open. For this, I recommend that you think of it as a cartoon containing wizards, fairies, witches, angels, and other magical characters, and let this journey flow freely. You can invite these magical creatures to heal you or teach you something. You can invite your guides and angels and ask for answers from them. Or you can simply imagine and sense powerful energy fields rotating around you and change their colors, shine, and luminosity. Make them either bigger or smaller - just like you need them right this moment.

Through meditation, you will have the ability to achieve anything, such as healing yourself! You can also invite in money energy by the following exercise. Imagine how money speeds towards you insanely fast and in large amounts. For finding that special someone, you can connect your energy field to the energy of the best possible partner that exists for you in the world. Everything is possible!

But first of all, we have to start with baby steps. We must learn about our energies and energy healing and balancing techniques. How? Let your creativity flow! Imagine and feel. The world of energy is as simple as that. In this way, your senses will open even more. I would also like to emphasize on the activation and cleaning of your energy centers and connecting with Earth. Strengthen your energy centers and, by doing so, connect with Earth's powerful, supportive energy.

You can imagine a channel that turns more firm and brighter. Experience these energies, embrace them, and grow your gratitude. Enjoy! The next step is to focus on feeling, purifying, and shaping your aura field. You can anchor there light, sparkle, higher energies, balance, healing, etc. Then move up and start strengthening the connection with the higher energies of the Universe, similarly creating a powerful light channel connecting your body and the seventh energy center. Let your fantasy flow and communicate with higher levels. Discover and feel. And again, the main thing is to enjoy the wholeness!

Before entering meditation, it is essential to make sure that you are working on your primary source's energy channel. This is necessary so that lower energies can't burst into your system at the moment of meditation, when you have very open energies, and later influence you through it. Say out loud: "I work in my work channel, on my primary source channel." Now start feeling how you're firmly connected with your energies and how the foreign energies cannot get close to you. Then begin with meditation. Also, you can invite in angels, light-masters, and protectors to support those energetic processes that you undergo during meditation.

When starting meditation, you should also ensure that all your energy channels are straight – the lower and upper back, the neck, and the head channel. Try to be as straight as possible while sitting or lying down.

For me, one of the most common routine meditations is the overall balancing and purifying. I start this with very intense and deep breathing as if filling myself with air. It supplies the body with oxygen to enable the body to absorb and release high-frequency energies in larger amounts through you. If you continue breathing in such a way long enough, you may feel that your hands, face, the crown of your head and chest begin to buzz and tighten into small cramps.

This is a right and necessary feeling – stay tuned, and you will notice that your thoughts, insights, and judgments are much more transparent and firmer. In this state, you can get concrete and precise answers to your questions and release hard patterns and emotions. If you go into this state very strongly, it's possible to change yourself at very deep energetic levels.

After deep breathing, I feel my energy field and make it spacious and shining while constantly feeling. Then I connect myself to Earth and to heaven. I receive a high-frequency stream and melt into one with it. I let the energies heal and balance myself while focusing on dissolving the unnecessary. What's left is just to enjoy this state. There can always be added different nuances to this meditation – do something different or focus more specifically on healing something or getting an answer. Be creative and courageous!


The powerful tools for moving forward on the spiritual path and reaching the true nature of yourself: breathing, meditating, using the mirror, writing, setting goals, talking aloud to communicate with yourself and higher energies, and entering continuously new patterns.

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