Shamanic work: Return of a lost power 

Improving your mental and emotional wellness through effective practical psychology
€150 / Practitioner trained by Maria Baydar 

€200 / Maria Baydar 

Individual's power (also a spirit animal) stays with them until they are about 9-10 years old. After that, spirit animal begins to change every 2-3 years. When a person is nervous, restless, out of balance, sleeps poorly, it is a sign that their power is beginning to change.


The spirit animal is agitated and goes farther and farther than a human until they decide to return at some point. If a person is not given a new power, they will be attacked by all kinds of damaging energies. They are vulnerable and weak. Both physically and mentally. If a person is already ill, it is a sign that the force has left him. A person can have up to two power animals, so if you already have one - come on, let's bring in another one! This is an extremely powerful feeling!

Returning the lost power helps the person to heal physically and mentally, recovers energy, mental and physical strength, helps to feel clarity and certainty in your life etc. It helps you to be you, in your full power! 


To conclude the returning of lost power, Maria will teach you how to take care of your power and work with it.


Write to us about your concern and let's ask the spirits for help. Before each session, Maria will explain exactly what she's doing and keep you informed.

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