Here you can choose your coach or therapist who is going to guide you through your personal healing journey. Mental and psychological well-being coaches and shamanic practitioners have passed high level trainings and courses by Maria Baydar and learned all her unique working methods. 


Margit Manni

Shamanic practitioner

Essi is a mother of two children who found her way into the world of therapy through a personal emotional life experience. By now, she has completed 2 years of polytherapy studies in Teadvusteraapia keskus, enhanced by deep experiences in life itself.

Her stronges skills are; reprogramming of the subconsciousness, working with childhood traumas, guided journeys,  therapeutic counseling, energetic healing to release energy blockages (also as a remote session), therapy children and couples. 

"We cannot change our past and experiences, we can notice them, heal them, accept them and take each day as a new opportunity.


Every experience is worth experiencing and should bring you a healthier and happier life!''

Essi Vahtras

Mental and psychological well-being coach

I have completed an advanced shamanic course and thorough spiritual training led by Maria, during which I found my life's calling to be a healer. During the sessions, in addition to shamanistic methods and practices, I also use Matrix techniques and tarot cards.

I like to get to the core of the issues, after which I do the healing practices with full commitment, constantly describing the process to ensure maximum understanding.

I greet you with an open heart!

Indrek Kaine

Shamanic practitioner

Kärt Naya Repnau is a shamanic practitioner, psychotherapist and a spiritual guide. She has collected her knowledge from various, sometimes even extreme, life lessons and from different trainings and courses, including Maria Baydar's trainings. 

'' I support you on your journey to yourself, bring back lost particles of your soul, balance and heal your energies, give you guidance and messages from Spirits, make you a personal amulet or power item, help you reach the answers that exist within you, cleanse you or your home energies or I'm just there for you if you need to finf clarity and inner peace. 


I am there for you in exactly the way that you need. ''

Kärt Repnau

Shamanic practitioner