Shamanic work: Your true destiny activation

Healing and liberating the destiny of a past life, and activating your true potential
350€ / 1,5 - 2 h 

The procedure for activating true destiny is extremely powerful, but only for those people who are ready to truly break through the obstacles, repetitive patterns, and suffering they face. It is a powerful process of liberation and complete life change.

Have you ever wondered why you fail to solve a lesson or a repetitive issue over and over again? No matter what you try, you will be pulled back into the old pattern like a rubber band. Just when you start to succeed, you are back in the beginning. Maybe you are accompanied by chronic health problems, or something is always blocking your journey.

Obviously, in such instance, we are dealing with past lives, and we are trapped in the destiny of past life. In that case, you will never live your own destiny and will never be born truly as yourself. 


An awakened person has no other obligation besides: to search for oneself, to establish oneself, to move forward along one's own path, wherever it leads. There is only one real job for everyone: to reach yourself. And - find your destiny. '' – Hesse


Fortunately, the destiny of the past life can be solved and released, and the real fate can be activated, which is never worse than the present. It's always better and helps you get closer to your true potential!


Write to Maria about your concern and let's ask the spirits for help. Before each session, Maria will explain exactly what she's doing and keep you informed.

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