Coaching: Recreate yourself

Mental well-being, business development, relationship challenges etc

70€ First session / Other coaches trained by Maria Baydar 

55€ Following sessions / Other coaches trained by Maria Baydar 

200€ / 4 sessions / Other coaches trained by Maria Baydar 


85€ First session / Maria Baydar 

70€ Following sessions / Maria Baydar 

250€ / 4 sessions / Maria Baydar 

Through the many years of experience Maria Baydar has developed a unique and practical way of coaching, that helps the person to become their best version and self-therapist. After the sessions client has learned valuable mental skills and self-healing tools that they can use in any situation and problem that they are challenged by in life.


Individual coaching will help you find clarity in your life and restore self-awareness, faith and confidence.


You can visit Maria and other coaches that Maria has trained work with her practical knowledge with any problem, desire or purpose - let it be business, private life, health, self-fulfillment, hobbies or anything else - together we will find clarity, a solution and the necessary steps to move forward.


Coaching has been defined in many ways.

The essence of coaching is:

* To help a person change in the way they wish and helping them go in the direction they want to go.

* Coaching supports a person at every level in becoming who they want to be.

* Coaching builds awareness empowers choice and leads to a lasting change.


It unlocks a person’s potential to maximise their performance in any field or worry. Marias' experience can help you weather you're challenged by relationships, business and/or financial development, mental or emotional well-being (burnout, depression, anxiety, childhood traumas etc).

Technique that Maria has developed involves effective practices and exercises that she's going to guide you through during our sessions. Client should be ready to dive in deep work with himself between the sessions to continue and expand the inner knowledge, healing, self-recreation and a value that comes from within.


Maria and coaches trained by her can teach you to become the person you truly want to be and live the most fulfilling and happy life you can imagine.