"I stand by you on the path of conscious growth!"

I am a therapist, shaman, psychic, psychologist, life coach, writer, dream life strategist, and self-development teacher. I have guided thousands of people in Estonia and abroad on their journey of self-development, helping them to unlock their true potential, passion, and awareness. My work experience spans nearly ten years, with a variety of cases, problems, and concerns that people turn to me.

I have dedicated my life, as it is my highest mission on Earth, on giving guidance through all the experiences, physical, and emotional difficulties on peoples’ life paths.


People turn to me with different problems, and it doesn’t necessarily have to connect to the spiritual or mystical world. It can be a simple health issue, foggy relationship status struggles in the financial field, or even a severe fight with depression. I haven’t met a problem in my life for what I couldn’t find a solution together with my client.



Every day, many people come from different parts of the world come to me with different concerns, to whom I offer a combination of therapies and counseling that effectively help them find themselves again. But there are also business leaders who come in difficult times, have lost the confidence or knowledge to help their team, and achieve goals. I also work with companies that want to provide their team with strong in-house development experience, connect them, and motivate them to work towards a common goal. 

My souls' purpose is to help others mediate higher knowledge and help them grow both spiritually and emotionally in this intensive transmission period. It is not easy for any of us because we all have our challenges and lessons to learn. Still, it is an honor to experience this together with all of you and share valuable information, knowledge, and experiences.

I am offering extraordinary but very effective psychological therapy sessions. I also provide spiritual counseling, very powerful shamanic healing sessions (even from a distance) and potential showing coaching sessions. Moreover, I help people find solutions and answers to their questions and problems from the present, past, or future. People often ask, what am I doing, or how exactly am I helping people, and this is a difficult question to answer. To help my clients move forward, I use my inner powers and experience. With this, I can find solutions, guidance, and answers to help my clients let go of any obstacles that are holding them back from manifesting their dreams.

Besides healing sessions I am founder and manager of Estonian biggest therapy center. I have published two very popular self-development books that help people to discover their true potential and integrate it in their everyday life. 


My journey has been extraordinary but tough. I have known my real goal in that life and true-self since I remember myself. All of this has made my life-path easier, but on the other hand more difficult. I have enjoyed every moment of my life on Earth, even the darkest and most horrible moments and situations. And believe me – I have gone through a lot of painful experiences. But this is what makes life so valuable, and I am so thankful from the bottom of my heart!

My mission has been and will continue to be, to help create clarity, courage, passion, motivation, self-awareness in people and society. I want to help people make the most of their existence and teach them how to create more joy, balance, happiness, and value in their life.

And something for skeptics. There is no magic or some Hollywood voodoo stuff going on here! Everything that I believe goes together with pretty easy explanations from the science. There are many layers of the human mind and body, a lot of parallel universes that can't always be seen with eyes or touched with hands, but it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. If a human ear is not able to catch frequencies or human eyes are not built to see some light waves that animals are, doesn't mean those frequencies or light waves don't exist. It is intelligent to open up yourself to the world! The magick is within us! 

I am here for all of you and I can’t wait to meet you!